A tribute to….

…architecture representing the image of Socialism and Communism. Is it too early to think about soviet architecture and the like as retro, Is it wrong to detach the architecture from its political background to be able to appreciate the architectural language?

well, I think even though some of the buildings do look rather scary, they offer quite interesting details. As a person who grew up in a Western Country, I can perceive such architecture, or the image of if, disconnected to any kind of political regime. I suppose that doesn’t work for those who grew up in such an environment and state, or at least it’ll take some more years until people are able to appreciate the architecute without seeing it as a symbol for the system it represented.


Frederic Chaubin took this and more great pictures on his trip around the world, documenting architecture. More pictures such as this one by and an interview with him can be found in the Japanese pingmag here .


On the other hand, I guess the 60s and 70s brought us interesting superstructures on a worldwide level

Thinking about buildings as the Berlin Convention Center ICC, that greatly resembles Battlestar Galactica in the city:


If you have any more of those buildings, no matter where, let me know or link it in the comments!


~ by aboutarchitecture on August 30, 2007.

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