“Having just a theory about architecture is pretty lame”

Finally, after a lot of blabla and no results produced, the first step is done!I started this blog, with the aim to be a platform to discuss, collect and share thoughts on architecture from a professional, but rather relaxed, and also polemic or even impertinent point of view.

This all probably started during my days in Rotterdam, where I spent hours and hours discussing – and blabbering – about architecture, film, new media and world domination with my flatmates Lukas and Jelle, the latter one I quoted in the title. This sentence he ones issued in our kitchen stuck in my head now for quite a while, since it very presicely hits what I would like to create here:

Being able to talk and write about architecture, architectural thoughts, buildings, ideas, concepts, architects, film, media, philosophy, everything that somehow is or could be related to architecture. BUT: without the cryptic style of architectural magazines, without being afraid of critisizing a building of a so called star architect and being able to issue your own thoughts and theories without a whole chartlist of sources that shall prove you right.

Who cares?

I am excited of what will happen here



One Response to ““Having just a theory about architecture is pretty lame””

  1. add to that; theories about anything funkin blow

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