Living in Space

This one I also don’t want you to miss out:


As a result o Sputnik Shock and Space Age, the NASA also researched on the idea of living in space, setting up colonies.

The pictures of a summer study project form the 1970’s are on the webpage in high resolution. Besides the fact that those pictures are beautifully drawn, from an architectural point of view, they also contain a lot of interesting facts.

First of all, the houses shown in those pictures remind me more of Bauhaus, or in general, modern style rather than the cliché American homes you would expect:
Space Age Bauhaus

Also, taking a closer look at the agricultural sector of the colony….MVRDV also did this once, calling it Datatown:

Well, this is the space colony piled up and organized food production, and MVRDV’S Datatown:




Anyways, check out this beautiful drawings and tell me what you think!


~ by aboutarchitecture on August 11, 2007.

One Response to “Living in Space”

  1. it seems interesting. but ı thınk it should be more specific as a design. styles of houses or the pattern must be sth special and can be asociated to space.
    ayoung arch=)frm turkey

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