Ready – Gehry – Done!

Ok, let’s start all this with an experiment:

I thank Steve for coming up with that sentence “Ready-Gehry-Done” (and the beautiful model that resulted out of 3 sec worth of work!) . It kept me thinking, till I found this website where you can draw a house with jibberish flash lines.

I drew a genuine Gehry here in about 10 seconds and even Frank O. himself dancing of joy confronted with such a masterpiece, and also a NOX building with Lars lying lazy in the garden.

And I started a street, so the experiment is this:

Think about an architect, draw a house in the typical style of him (and maybe also him in the garden) and place it into the street. It shouldn’t take too long. Send me the link for your house or put it into a comment.

Or just make another Gehry, it’s easy….

Click here to visit the street.

To add a house to the street, go to this link


~ by aboutarchitecture on October 27, 2006.

2 Responses to “Ready – Gehry – Done!”

  1. Hmm, the link seems to be broken, and a search of the site didn’t find your street. Is it a victim of redevelopment? Eminent domain? 🙂

  2. Apparently the street got deleted.
    Funny idea, since the street was ‘abandoned’ for too long, it has been erased. Imagine that in urban planning…..
    I might just start another one. This time maybe with a Zaha-building in less than 10 secs.

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