Battlestar Galactica

This is an experimental short animation I did for my thesis, ‘Architecture and Digital Media’. The basis for this is a parametric simulation to test different versions of density, nesting and overlapping. The simulation gave out a series of blocks that where exported to a 3D Program, where they got transformed into their negative form to create that superstructure in the video. The idea is to see how abstract parametric results can be developed further and translated into architecture. In this case, the translation aimed at directly translating a random dense structure into a spatial context.

The experiment ended with the result that, a simulation such as this is lacking information for direct translation, it leaves too much space for interpretation. There are some interesting details in it, but it cannot be read as architecture yet. Process is still going on, I keep you posted!


~ by aboutarchitecture on August 30, 2007.

One Response to “Battlestar Galactica”

  1. interesting!
    I also made (or rather wrote) a masters thesis on digital architecture, or space.
    in 2002.
    almost no models just txt.
    will keep updated on your site, and get back, have to run now.

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