I mean barcodes…what’s with that?

Ok. I know barcodes can be somehow interesting, fascinating and all that, but I haven’t seen any example yet where a barcode has been used in a way that it looks cool besides some graphic design or on a box or something. I t a useful thingy on all the packaged goods we buy, and I also have a book that is organized by some sort of barcode system, though I have to say it doesn’t work properly. There is a barcode font, people have barcodes tattooed somewhere….

Still: What’s the point? Aren’t there patterns that are a lot more subtle than a barcode? What’s with barcodes anyways?

I think the peak of all this is a building in Russia:

bar code building in russia

which I found here.

This is so direct, stupid and lame it’s not even funny anymore. Sorry but this is the same as building a fish, a guitar or something else translated directly into architecture.

Does anyone have more examples of such direct, banal architecture? Send me the links / pics, I’ll post them!

A lot more interesting is what I found on the same site about socialist architecture in Russia. I wish I could go there and see those buildings!


~ by aboutarchitecture on November 12, 2006.

One Response to “I mean barcodes…what’s with that?”

  1. apart from all the falli (?) that are being built, especially this one and taht one; gehry probably should be on top of your list; and for further reference i would advice this

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